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Yes, and we have a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. 
Our homes typically take under 26 weeks to construct depending on the size of the home. (Extensions and renovations will be less than this and the time frame will be worked out depending on scale of work.) A typical time frame from signing of contract to handover is about 7 months. This takes into account (as best as possible) the time taken by councils to process permits, (which can vary from one council to the next). 
We organise and submit the building permit on your behalf. The cost of the building permit is included in the Quoted Price for your home. 
Yes, from the 1st May 2010, each new home is individually energy rated to ensure compliance with the 6 Star energy code. We take into account the orientation, site features and climatic zone of each house to ensure energy efficiency and comfortable living conditions.  
Naturally, all fixtures and appliances are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty. As an extra level of quality assurance, we review your new home after you move in to ensure that we met your expectations. We service anything that needs attention and ensure that you are satisfied with your new home. 
Due to the new 6 star energy efficiency, all MQH Homes come with bulk insulation to the external walls, in the ceiling and under the roof. We undertake a BERS Thermal Assessment prior to construction which determines the areas the insulation is to be positioned and the rating of the insulation required to meet the 6 stars and produce the best outcome.
Our homes are fully insured during Construction so there is no cost to the customer in the unlikely event of damage. 
Yes, modifications can be made to all of our designs or you can even supply your own design for us to quote. 
Normally we require progress payments when purchasing a MQH Home.
At signing of contract - 5%
On base commencement - 10%.
On commencement of frame – 15%
When at enclosed stage – 35%
At fixture stage – 20%
On completion - 15%
Yes, we provide a construction and fitout for all degrees of disabled requirements. Some options are:
• access ramps and handrails
• safety grab rails
• step less showers
• wider doorways and passages
• disabled toilets
• custom bench heights